59% of the Aragonese economy is based on the service sector. 20.9% is devoted to industry, 12.3% to construction, 4.3% to agriculture and 2.9% to energy. Aragon’s environment provides it with more than 30,474,000 potential costumers and a potential market of more than €28.24 bn. Zaragoza is Spain’s fourth most important city in terms of volume of business, and the fifth in terms of population. Focus of the new economy is the service sector in logistics, IT and research.



The most important employer for the economy in Zaragoza is General Motors. With 6,500 employees, it is the largest plant of General Motors (GM) in Europe. To the factory, where the Opel models Corsa, Meriva and Mokka have been produced since 2014, numerous supplier companies have settled. In addition, two factories by BSH Hausgeräte, the rail manufacturer CAF, the paper manufacturer SAICA, ICT Ibérica & Torraspapel, the mattress manufacturers Pikolin, the chocolate manufacturer Lacasa and Hispano Carrocera represented with major manufacturing facilities in and around Zaragoza.

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