Zaragoza, Thursday May 25th 2017. The leisure and shopping complex TorreVillage, promoted by Grupo Iberebro, will generate more than a thousand direct jobs and will open its doors in the last quarter of 2018. Today, the construction work on the project has started with the demolition of the old factory of Pikolin, space that will occupy TorreVillage.

"Today we are starting a new stage, TorreVillage. Today we go from being a project to being a reality”, has said Alfonso Solans, President of Grupo Iberebro, at the event that took place this morning in the grounds of the old Pikolin Factory. The demolition of the already in disuse facilities of the factory marks the beginning of the constructive works of the future leisure and shopping complex. The act was also attended by Marta Gastón, Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment of the Government of Aragon, stating that this is a project that means "commitment, impact and benefit" for the Community, as well as "employment, innovation, corporate social responsibility and, ultimately, wealth in the territory”. Alfonso Solans thanked its presence to the large institutional representation that had the event, which was attended by politicians from the different Aragonese institutions, a large number of Mayors from the TorreVillage surroundings, social and business representatives and the main mass media of the Community; and he also had a special mention for the consumer associations of Aragon.

TorreVillage will create more than a thousand direct jobs and has its opening date set in the last quarter of 2018. At this moment, as stated by the President of Grupo Iberebro, "the commercialisation is very advanced, both in the outlet and in the park of central reservation. The commercialisation of the area of the restaurant business and leisure will begin very soon. We are surprised by the very high acceptance that the project is having among operators, which confirms the commercial appeal and dynamism of Zaragoza as a tourist destination. The outlet format is growing in Spain, and Zaragoza deserves to have this concept among its commercial offer, which competes neither with the neighborhood trade nor with the large supermarkets, our main competition is the internet”.

Alfonso Solans valued the importance of Zaragoza as a destination city for shopping and the importance of continuing to build a brand city, "it is essential for Zaragoza to continue betting on tourism and we expect to add TorreVillage to the cultural and commercial offer of our city. Our expectation of annual visits is around 3.5 million visitors, of which a significant percentage will be tourists who will come to Zaragoza”. In addition, in reference to the new reality of the commercial sector, carried out by the digitization and a high penetration of electronic commerce -especially in our community-, Solans affirmed that "TorreVillage bet decisively on the small commerce and the physical spaces". He added: "We bet on the classical store, but adapted to the technology and quality of service that the consumer demands today. The traditional trade faces the challenge of digitization and TorreVillage pretends to be an international reference in the integration of the traditional store and internet; with the aim of reaching solutions that are exportable and applicable to any small business. This is basically the purpose of the work we are developing at TorreVillage ZIR (Zaragoza´s Innovation in Retail Center), whose first results we will see very soon".

This act of initiation of the project TorreVillage has been developed in one of the industrial units of the already unoccupied Aragonese factory and the assistants have been able to observe the demolition of the first industrial unit of the old facilities of Pikolin. The demolition phase, which begins today, will last until approximately August 1st.

A commemorative urn has also been placed in honor of the industrial activity developed over more than forty years by the Business Group of the Solans Family in the areas of the Logroño Motorway that will occupy TorreVillage. This urn will be installed later in a representative location of the future leisure and shopping complex.



Madrid, June 20, 2016.The President of the Telefónica Foundation, César

Alierta, the head of Development and Innovation at Microsoft Iberia, Ángel Saenz de Cenzano, the regional director for Southern Europe at Intel Corporation, Norberto Mateos and the President of Grupo Pikolin, Alfonso Solans, have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of a center of innovation in Zaragoza to support the retail sector. The President of the Government of Aragón, Javier Lambán, also attended the signing. This new initiative, called TorreVillage ZIR or Zaragoza ́s Innovation in Retail Center, will be located in TorreVillage, a new commercial space in development in Aragón’s capital.

The centre is the result of an initiative of the global open innovation and entrepreneurship program at *Telefónica Open Future. This space will focus on the digitalization of the sector, promoting business models that will be the framework of future commerce via technology, innovation and talent. This innovative centre will encourage new lines of business, unique client experiences as well as products that will have an impact on the future of retail.

The signing of this agreement, at the headquarters of the Telefónica Foundation, is not only to support innovation in retail, but also to back entrepreneurship and new technological solutions for a sector that deals with constant change and adaptation. TorreVillage ZIR will function as a testing ground, putting technological prototypes in place and trying out new trends of consumer behavior and innovation in a real setting – at TorreVillage. In addition, this will draw national and international talent to the area, helping Aragón to become an investment destination and a magnet for innovation in the retail sector.


Telefónica Open Future was created in 2014 as a result of Telefónica’s long-standing support to innovation, development, training, investment and entrepreneurship in new technologies and the digital society. With a portfolio of more than 1,200 startups, more than 600 investments and of ces in 17 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia, Telefónica Open Future is helping to convert innovative ideas into successful businesses.

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